Augustana Gathers at "The Big Table"

Apr 20, 2018

People gathered around the table today to talk about ways to improve the Quad Cities. Augustana College hosted one of nearly 300 discussions taking place today and Saturday as part of the Quad Cities Big Table. 

Ashleigh Johnston, from Augustana Communications and Marketing, hopes students will stay in the area after graduation."If they're from the area how do we keep them here, if they're not, how do we convince them that this is great place to live."

Dale Owen, CEO of Ascentra Credit Union, was at the table. He also serves on the Augustana Alumni Board. "I think President Bahls said it well in the beginning. we have great human resources and like minded people focused on making the community better." 

Around 50 people ate lunch and discussed  what they love about the Quad Cities and what they want to change. Some like the small town feel of the community, others would like to see improvements in public transit.  Congresswoman Cheri Bustos and Augustana President Steve Bahls joined students, faculty, and others at the Big Table. 

Anyone who wants to participate Saturday can check online at