Amphibians to Sing for Wapsi Center Patrons

May 4, 2018

Credit submitted / Scott County Conservation Board, Wapsi Center

This weekend, people will learn about frogs, toads, and how they communicate during a hike in the dark. On Saturday, the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center in Dixon will host a program called, "Moonlight Frog Chorus."

Naturalist, Mike Granger, says it's not too early to hear amphibians calling to one other, trying to attract a mate. Before the hike, Granger will present information about frogs and toads, their life cycles, and how to distinguish the calls, or "singing," from several species. He'll also demonstrate amphibian calls and invite students to try and imitate them, too. (Listen to an American Toad call in the video below.)

Those who go should wear waterproof boots and take a flashlight. Granger expects 20 to 30 people to show up. The Wapsi River center's Moonlight Frog Chorus will be held on Saturday at 6 pm.