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The Three Pillars of Living Well: Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

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In this episode, we dive into the significance of Extension Living Well Month, a month-long celebration that takes place every March. This event aims to promote healthy living and raise awareness about the work of Family and Consumer Sciences professionals through Cooperative Extension. We explore the three pillars of holistic well-being - physical, mental/emotional, and community engagement - and how they contribute to living well.

The physical wellness pillar is all about taking care of our bodies. We discuss the importance of making mindful food choices, staying active, and getting enough sleep to ensure optimal physical health. By attending Extension programs on health, nutrition, and mental wellness, listeners can gain valuable knowledge and insights into maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The mental/emotional health pillar focuses on cultivating resilience and managing stress. We highlight the resources and support provided by Extension programs to promote positive mental health. Mindfulness practices, such as meditation, breathing exercises, and mindful walks, are encouraged as effective ways to reduce stress and prioritize self-care.

Community engagement and social connections form the third pillar of living well. We explore how being involved in our communities and building strong social support networks contribute to a higher quality of life and longevity. By connecting with local wellness resources and programs, individuals can enhance their well-being while also encouraging others to do the same.

To embrace Living Well Month, we provide listeners with five practical steps. These include attending Extension programs, exploring outdoor activities, practicing mindfulness, connecting with local wellness resources, and encouraging well-being in their communities through sharing information and organizing events. By following these steps, individuals can cultivate a life of health, joy, and purpose.

Ultimately, Living Well Month serves as a powerful reminder that individual and community well-being are interconnected. By adopting a holistic approach through lifestyle habits, social connections, self-care, and engagement, listeners can make positive changes for their personal well-being and that of their communities. We encourage our listeners to reach out to their local Extension office for more resources and workshop information to further their journey towards living well.

Kristin Bogdonas believes that everyone deserves access to fresh, affordable food and is committed to helping people improve their health literacy. In this digital age it can be difficult to decipher what nutrition information is accurate and what is hype. Connecting people with factual information and evidenced-based programs will help people build the skills and attain the knowledge necessary for positive behavior change. Although nutrition is important for a long and healthy life, one should not overlook the other dimensions of health required for overall wellbeing; physical, mental, emotional, vocational, spiritual, environmental and social. Each dimension impacting the next.