Sarah Gardner

Editor of Radish magazine

Sarah J. Gardner is the editor of Radish magazine, a publication serving western Illinois and eastern Iowa with a focus on local foods, environmental stewardship, and building healthy and resilient communities.

GARDNER: Stop by the Let Us Farm booth at the Freight House Farmers' Market, and you can take your pick from the bins heaped high with lettuce leaves of every shape and size.

GARDNER: Step onto the grounds of Miss Effie's Country Flowers and Garden Stuff outside Donahue, Iowa, and it's hard to miss what makes this small farm cultivated by Cathy Lafrenz distinctive.

The Little Red Barn

Jul 6, 2015

SARAH GARDNER: Jill Craver is a woman with one farm -- and five kids.

SARAH GARDNER: When Aldo Leopold was born in Burlington, Iowa, in 1887, the United States was in the heart of the Gilded Age. Railroads, factories and mining were rapidly expanding, and the last reaches of the Western frontier were being settled.

SARAH GARDNER: Before Matt Case was growing organic veggies, he was a retired diesel mechanic from the Coast Guard studying to be a mechanical engineer. Then a house plant changed his life.