Jasmine Babers

What is it like to start a business or a passion project? What motivates people to turn their hobbies into their hustles? Hear from two "Boss Babes": Ashley Allen, owner and founder of Made to Pearlfection, and Tianna Manley, owner of T's Spa and Beauty, open up about their struggles, successes and inspirations with their businesses.

On this episode of LGM - Jasmine takes the opportunity to interview Mikhayla for a get to know you series! Mikhayla answers the questions about surviving depression, about How About HOPE,  what it is like to be Miss Iowa, and what it feels like to land her first "big girl" job post-graduation. 

Your life is your message to the world. Anna Rowell, LGM 2020 cover girl talks about her life after losing her mother and storytelling with Love Girls Magazine. Anna, along with award winning journalist, Brandy Donaldson, are guests on "Love Girls: The podcast" . They talk openly about what you can do to help someone struggling with grief.

Rumaisa Khawaja, better known as Coach Ru is Certified in Social-Emotional Intelligence for Leadership and Coaching. She has built her career helping people achieve dynamic, positive changes in their lives by providing them with meaningful tools to implement day-to-day.  In fact, she is all about going from someday, to day one. Ru also hosts the Real Talk with Ru podcast which is available wherever you listen to podcasts. 

"A particularly big problem with girls today is that they are refusing to go after anything if everything isn’t perfect.” Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw and Jasmine Babers discuss facing your fears with the author of "If Courage Could Talk", Candace Doby. She is breaking down courage and building up girls.

Fashion Model, Yasmine Arrington, talks about her work with youth of incarcerated parents and what it takes to be a plus-sized model.

18-year-old Karla Lozano knows what it is like to grow up in a violent home and be sexually assaulted. She speaks openly about her trauma and her work with, "Break the Cycle" an organization dedicated to creating a culture without violence.

Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw and Jasmine Babers talk about their, “Crown and Glory” with veteran cosmetologist and Memphis editor, Shenetha Shipp.

Flora Isom, popular Memphis makeup artist from Enhancements Beauty Lounge talks about all things makeup, Kylie Jenner, her favorite brands, beauty, and self-esteem.

You may know her as the daughter of Grammy winner Kid Capri, or from "Growin' Up Hip Hop:New York". On this episode, Vina talks about love, life and music.