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ComedySportz Ends its 30-Year Run

Jeff Adamson

ComedySportz, a Quad Cities improv group, will end it's 30-year run this month. Founder and co-owner Jeff Adamson will convert the group into G.I.T. Improv that will host shows with local and national comedians. 

"There are several reasons. One being is that it is the right way to go. ComedySportz has been going for 30 years and I think we have run our course. A lot of our people are looking for something new, something exciting and I think we found it with G.I.T. Improv." 
Adamson says the group will hold around 150 shows a year. 

This month, ComedySportz will host four final shows. 

"So whatever the audience yells out we take. We make the audience feel like they are a part of the show. I am using your vacation to do a Shakespeare play. I am using your twenty-fifth wedding anniversay as a rap song."

G.I.T. Improv is planning to host some adult shows in December as well as a Christmas show.