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Clinton Attends Salute To Labor Picnic In The Quad Cities

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivered a speech to a crowd of more than 3,000 people along the banks of the Mississippi River in Hampton, Ill. on Labor Day.

She was in town for the Salute to Labor Picnic, hosted by the Rock Island County Democratic Party. This was her second year in a row attending the Quad Cities event.

Clinton talked about her economic plans, alongside leaders from the NEA, UAW and IBEW unions. She says she wants to raise minimum wage, support small businesses and guarantee equal pay for women.

"I believe in fairness," Clinton says. "I don't want to see anybody treated unfairly or discriminated against. I don't care who you are. If you're willing to work and do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. That is the basic bargain of America."

Patty Metcalf attended the picnic with fellow members of the Communications Workers of America Union.

"We're here to support so that we have help for the unions so we have backing to be able to do some programs to help people who need it," Metcalf says.

Most of Clinton's speech focused on her economic plans, but she also called out her challenger, Republican nominee Donald Trump. She calls Trump's visit to Mexico an "embarrassing international incident" after the president of Mexico, Enrique PeñaNieto, said he would not pay for a wall between the United States and Mexico.

"Not only did Trump mess up his first international engagement," Clinton says. "He choked. He couldn't even bring himself to tell the president of Mexico one of his very few policy demands."

Alderman Virgil J. Mayberry of Rock Island's second ward says Clinton is uniquely qualified for the presidency. He says his family has supported the Clintons since Bill Clinton's presidency.
"She was Secretary of State, she was a senator, she was First Lady, all of these things she has learned, they were like apprenticeships," Mayberry says. "So she's the best."

Across the street from the picnic, a handful of protesters gathered.

Tom Anthony wore a devil mask and sat next to a sign that read "Satan for Hillary Clinton."

"I believe if the devil had a vote, he would vote Democratic because it's failed policies and abortion, gay marriage, gender neutral bathrooms, tax and spend all the way down the line," Anthony says. "It's satanic to ruin America."

Clinton also says she will focus on creating American jobs and bringing back jobs from overseas.

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