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New Way To Respond To Rock Island Officials


There's a new way for Rock Island residents to give feedback to City Hall. The city is now listed on Polco, a survey app that allows people to respond to questions about their city government, from their city government.

City Manager Randy Tweet says he will post questions every couple of weeks from city officials.

"We're looking for a way to just reach more people," said Tweet. "Lot of people don't have time to make it to a public meeting. If you do that's great. We love to see you at our public meetings. And some people prefer it that way, but other people, they're busy, they have busy lives and it's easier for them to communicate electronically. And this is just a way to reach those folks and allow their opinions to be heard."

To sign up for the app, Rock Island residents must enter their name, zip code, and email address. Their responses to questions will be anonymous.

When the first questions about limits for video gaming machines and short term lending institutions was posted last week, it received 39 responses on the first day. Tweet considers this a success.

"Some communities are seeing five percent of the population," said Tweet. "So, I don't think it's unreasonable that we may see certainly several hunderd at some point answering these questions. You know, if we got to that point I'd be very happy. But again, it's already more successful than anything we've tried before."

Polco is available on app stores for iPhone and Android. Rock Island's Polco page can also be accessed from a desktop or mobile web browser here.