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Donations Enable Free Tuition Program at Carl Sandburg College

Bill Gaither
Carl Sandburg College
Carl Sandburg College Pres., Dr. Lori Sundberg, talks about the Sampson Promise program on Wednesday afternoon at the Warren County History Museum in Monmouth, IL.

A new scholarship will help students who attend Warren County, IL schools afford college. This week in Monmouth, Carl Sandburg College announced gifts from Walter and Rose Sampson and four foundations will make it possible for some Monmouth-Roseville and United high school graduates to get free tuition.

President Lori Sundberg says Sandburg's Galesburg Promise pays for tuition using revenue from hotel motel taxes. But that's not feasible in the Monmouth area. After Walter and Rose Sampson gave the college $4.2 million, the Pattee, Twomey, and the school foundations pitched in to create an endowment for the Sampson Promise.

Students who attend Monmouth-Roseville, and United schools from kindergarten through 12th grade will be eligible to receive 100% of their tuition from the Sampson Promise. It will be available to high school graduates starting next year.

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