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Riverfront Improvement Commission

The city of Davenport has just spent a lot money improving a downtown landmark. On Sunday, a ribbon cutting will be held for the new deck at the Freight House.

City of Davenport

After months of free rides, Davenport CitiBus and Bettendrof Transit will resume fare collection on Monday, Aug. 3.

Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce

The Quad Cities ranks in the top 10 for economic growth in the midwest. That's according to Area Development magazine, which judged cities based on employment growth, unemployment rates, and average hourly earnings. 

Despite continuing at historically high levels, unemployment did show some improvement in the Quad Cities in June. The unemployment rate jumped from 3.9 per cent a year ago, to 11.1 per cent last month. 

Quad City International Airport

Based on one indicator, the economy is improving despite the pandemic. Figures released by the Quad City International Airport show traffic in June was more than double the previous month, and several times higher than April. / QC Empowerment Network Facebook page

Black-owned businesses will be featured this weekend at a marketplace in Davenport.

On Sunday, the Quad City Empowerment Network will host more than 50 companies at the Freight House Farmers Market. 

Unemployment in the Quad Cities continued at historically high levels last month, but showed a little improvement from April. The Illinois Department of Employment Security reports the jobless rate in May was 14.1 per cent, up from just 3.5 per cent during the same month a year ago.

The Rock Falls Chamber of Commerce is holding a ribbon cutting event for local businesses at the riverfront park. 

The event is part of an effort to bring back customers and restore their confidence as the state reopens. Chamber President Bethany Bland says companies will need to put in effort to attract customers whose entire routines have changed.

Crops Looking Good So Far This Year After Dismal 2019

Jun 25, 2020

Farmers are hopeful this season for good crops in the fall.

Low income residents of the Iowa Quad Cities and Clinton may get a break on one of their bills. Iowa American Water has asked the Iowa Utilities Board to approve a discount program.