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Yang Continues His Campaign in Davenport

Michelle O'Neill
Andrew Yang makes a campaign stop at The Brewed Book on Harrison Street, Davenport, IA.

After failing to move the powers that be in Washington DC, Andrew Yang is trying to convince Iowa voters to caucus for him next month.

This morning, the Democratic presidential candidate spoke to a standing room only crowd at The Brewed Book on Harrison Street in Davenport.

Credit Michelle ONeill / WVIK News
People listen as Yang answers questions from the crowd including how he'd handle foreign policy and how to help him win Iowa's caucuses.

Yang says he's the only one in the race talking about the "4th industrial revolution," and that data, technology, and artificial intelligence are "the greatest economic transformation in US history."

But after visiting with officials two years ago, "Washington DC" can't solve problems by ignoring them or more study.

He accepted a challenge to persuade voters to fight the lack of foresight, planning, and action in the nation's capitol, and his campaign is the result.

Yang says GDP, the Gross Domestic Product, is the wrong way to measure the economy.

If elected, he'll follow other trends such as health and life expectancy, how many people are able to retire comfortably, how children are faring, and other, more "human" measurements.

Part of Yang's solution is to tax big companies such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook and use the money to give every adult $1,000/month.

He says most of that money would be spent in the local economy which would support local businesses and employment. 

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