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Honor Flight #56 Returns Home

Veterans from a previous Honor Flight pose for a picture
Honor Flight of the Quad Cities Facebook Page
Veterans from a previous Honor Flight pose for a picture

This week nearly 90 veterans participated in the 56th Honor Flight of the Quad Cities. During the trip, they visited Washington D.C and the monuments built in their honor.

Honor Flight Hub Director Steve Garrington says these trips are important because for some, it's the first time they have been thanked for their service.

"We still have veterans that haven't gone. We've got people who say, 'well you know, I don't deserve to go, and the other guys, they were in danger far more than I was, I was a cook.' I'm like, hey, you were over there you were in danger. Go ahead, we want you to go."

A woman veteran participated in yesterday's Honor Flight. The trip included a stop at the Military Women's Memorial, to honor her and other women who have served.

"Women are more hesitant about putting in an application. Because, 'well, I wasn't on the front lines, I was just a nurse.' We're saying, come on, put in an application."

Flight 56 was the first this year. Honor Flight of the Quad Cities plans to hold more in May and September. Garrington hopes to hold a fourth flight for a later date.