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Child Abuse Council Changes Name to EveryChild to Better Reflect Its Mission

EveryChild helps families navigate the stresses of early parenthood.

Director Brooke Hendrickx says the new name helps remove the stigma of coming to the agency for help.

"Because we do so much more than just work with children who have been abused and neglected. We try to prevent all of that from happening, and the prevention aspect is really giving every child, 0 to 5, the best start in life."

EveryChild helps parents of young children navigate the first few years of parenthood. The hope is to prevent risk factors for child abuse and neglect before they ever happen.

A mural on the wall of EveryChild's building.

Hendrickx says the pandemic had been especially tough, since kids have been isolated from friends and loved ones.
"Over the last two years, everything's a trauma. And if you think about it as an adult, I'm sure you've been stressed out at some point over the last two years over different mandates, restrictions, health scares...kids feel that too."

The Child Abuse Council was founded in 1977, and originally called the Council on Children at Risk. More information is at https://www.childabuseqc.org/

Aaryan Balu first set foot in audio journalism at WTJU Charlottesville and WRIR Richmond, and now works as WVIK Quad Cities NPR's Fellowship Host.