QC Unemployment Fell Again in September

Oct 26, 2017

Unemployment continued to fall in the Quad Cities in September. It dropped more than one full percentage point - from 5.5 per cent a year ago to 4.3 per cent last month. 

Tom Austin from the Illinois Department of Employment Security says we gained jobs in construction, and the category of education and health services, mainly due to more health-related jobs. But the Quad Cities lost jobs in manufacturing, and in leisure and hospitality. 

"We also saw declines in retail trade. We've been seeing that, not just in the Quad Cities area, but other areas, as retail trade as an industry starts to go through some changes based on competition from online retailers."

The September unemployment rate of 4.3 per cent translates into 8,000 people - out of work and looking for a job. 

The unemployment rate fell in all 14 major metro areas in Illinois, and in all 102 counties. Rates ranged from a low of 3.6 per cent in Bloomington, to 5.1 per cent in Decatur.