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Thousands of GOP voters in Scott County caucus for Trump

Davenport voter speaks about Trump before caucus voting began.

Republican voters at Davenport Central High School were eager to caucus Monday night.

Two precincts met in the school auditorium, while other precincts met in classrooms, the band room and other rooms.

Samson Oyatoki of Davenport was excited to participate in his first caucus.

"I want to give Trump another try. His first time was full of a lot of sabotage. Everybody reacted. Went for him, against him rather, right?" Oyatoki said.

"They didn't let him do whatever he planned to do. Let us give him a free chance. Let's see what he can do again. I believe that he can do it. I believe he can do it! He did it when others said he couldn't. And I believe he can do it again. I'm here for Trump. President Trump!"

In Scott county, Donald Trump picked up the most votes with more than 2,800, followed by Nikki Haley with a little over 1,400, and Ron DeSantis with more than 1,000 votes.

Davenport resident, Zach Roling, decided to vote for DeSantis this time.

"I voted for Trump twice. I liked a lot of the first three years," Roling said. "Then, obviously COVID happened, and then a lot of bad decisions were made. And I still feel those today. I believe DeSantis can—What he did as governer can correct a lot of that stuff and not ever happenn again."

Despite the cold weather, the Republican turnout at Davenport Central High School seemed very good.