River Bend Foodbank

Mike Miller, CEO of River Bend Foodbank
Lacy Scarmana / WVIK

Don't throw away your expired canned goods. That's the message River Bend Foodbank is trying to share.

You can donate that food instead because it tuns out, food doesn't actually go bad after the date printed on the can.


This year's Student Hunger Drive is now over. On Thursday, students from 17 high schools brought the food they've collected during the past six weeks to the River Bend Foodbank in Davenport.

Student Hunger Drive

Along with going to class, students at 17 area high schools will spend the next six weeks collecting food for the needy. The 32nd Annual Student Hunger Drive begins Monday night.

New Food Pantry Opens

Jul 10, 2017
Christ UMC in Silvis

Because of high demand, a Quad Cities church plans to open a second food pantry on Monday. Christ United Methodist Church has made free food available at  its campus in East Moline for many years, and will now offer the same help from its campus in Silvis.

Student Hunger Drive

Students from 18 local high schools have been collecting food for a month to help feed the community, and now they're ready to celebrate their hard work. Tomorrow, wraps up the 30th annual Quad Cities Student Hunger Drive.

Student Hunger Drive

Students from 18 local high schools are helping feed the community this month. Today kicks off the 30th annual Student Hunger Drive for the Quad Cities.

North American Strongman

North America's strongest men and women will carry farm equipment and sand bags in the Quad Cities this weekend. Tomorrow and Saturday, Davenport is hosting the North American Strongman National Championships for the first time.

Over 200 athletes will be competing for the title, and a spot at the World Championships next spring. There will be three events on Friday, including the Log Clean and Press competition and the Farmers Challenge.

River Bend Foodbank

33 million tons of food is thrown away each year, but most of it is still safe to eat. That's according to Executive Director of the River Bend Foodbank in Davenport, Mike Miller, who says if people donated food they would normally throw away, there would be enough food for everyone.  

The River Bend Foodbank provides over 7-million meals each year, to people in 22 counties in Iowa and Illinois. In that community, Miller says one in eight people don't have enough food, and one in five children go hungry. 

But, it doesn't have to be that way. 

He says people focus too much on expiration dates, even though most food is still safe to eat after the date passes. And River Bend is working to "rescue that food" before it's thrown away.