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Crews have completed pouring concrete for the new, Iowa-bound, I-74 bridge deck.

Jay Pearce reports huge sections of the Illinois-bound bridge arch are going up a lot faster, compared to the other side last year. / Illinois DOT

The Illinois and Iowa departments of transportation are trying to decide whether to build a new I-80 bridge between LeClaire and Rapids City.

And Michelle O'Neill reports they want to know what you think.

I-74 Bridge Delayed

Nov 15, 2019
Iowa DOT

On Midwest Week, work on the I-74 bridge has been delayed, and not just because of bad weather and high river levels. 


Unions and contractors in the Quad Cities are trying to protect jobs and the local economy. Monday they announced their opposition to what they call the "Federal Aid Swap" - where the Iowa DOT "swaps" or converts federal dollars into state dollars, to avoid federal requirements for fair wages, environmental protection, and buying American. / I-74 Mississippi River Bridge project website

Flooding on the Mississippi River is causing another delay in building the new, I-74 bridge.

Michelle O'Neill reports Iowa DOT Planner Sam Shea says the contractor is doing the best it can to catch up and keep workers safe. / I-74 Mississippi River Bridge project website

People who drive through the Quad Cities on Interstate 74 should be prepared for delays and road construction.

Michelle O'Neill reports a contractor has started a key part of building a new, $1.2 billion bridge over the Mississippi River. / I-74 Mississippi River Bridge project website

Winter weather has been a struggle for the companies building the new bridge over the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities.

But over the weekend, Lunda Construction workers placed the first piece of an arch onto its foundation.

QC Joins Iowa Rideshare

Dec 12, 2017
Bi-State Regional Commission

The Quad Cities has joined a statewide effort in Iowa to promote car pooling. The Bi-State Regional Commission and public transit agencies have launched QC Rideshare as part of the Iowa transportation department's Rideshare program.

Iowa Department of Transportation

If all goes according to plan, construction of the new I-74 bridge will begin this summer. Tuesday the Iowa Department of Transportation opened bids for the project connecting Moline with Bettendorf, across the Mississippi River.

A drawing of the new bridge.

Now that some of the preparation work is finished, actual construction of the new I-74 is next.

On Midwest Week — an update and a timetable.