Dan Swanson

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Employees and inmates at Illinois prisons may not have the resources and policies they need to remain healthy.

That's according to Woodhull Republican, Dan Swanson.

Herb Trix reports.

Cold War Veteran License Plates for Illinois

Aug 16, 2019
Rep. Dan Swanson

A special license plate will soon be available for another group of Illinois veterans. State Representative Dan Swanson from Woodhull, a veteran himself, sponsored legislation to create a license plate for veterans of the Cold War that the governor signed into law earlier this month.

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To fix its broken state government, Illinois needs term limits for members of the General Assembly, and fairly drawn district maps so both parties have a chance to win. That's according to a republican lawmaker and two candidates for the state house who held a news conference in Moline Wednesday.

State Senator Neal Anderson, from Rock Island, hopes both can be voted on and passed, during the veto session this fall. 

Now serving his first term in the Illinois Senate, Anderson has promised to serve only two terms.