Good Morning from WVIK News

Morning headlines from WVIK News.

- three more COVID deaths in the QC,

- Dubuque issues a mask mandate,

- and Illinois extends unemployment benefits for 20 weeks.

- another local death from COVID-19,

- Iowa school districts want to make their own decisions about re-opening,

- and Com-Ed pleads not guilty. 

- at least two Iowa school districts plan to defy the governor's order,

- COVID cases continue to increase in the Quad Cities,

- and new help for local residents to find jobs.   

- the United Way wants to find out how we've been affected by the pandemic,

- COVID-19 cases are increasing in the Dubuque area,

- and another school district comes up with a plan to re-open. 

- expect slightly warmer weather in the coming months, 

- vote by mail applications are in the mail,

- and the annual Labor Day parade in East Moline has been canceled.  

- a renewed effort to slow the local spread of COVID-19,

- fare collection resumes for public transportation in the Iowa QC,

- what's up with those seeds mailed to the US from China,

- and the virtual Bix Jazz Fest will be tonight and tomorrow night.   

- big budget cuts for Iowa's three public universities,

- local colleges plan for in-person and virtual classes,

- and new safety guidelines at the Quad City International Airport.   

- cities along the Miss. R. are struggling financially one year after historic flooding,

- the pandemic forces postponement of the World Series of Drag Racing,

- and another college conference cancels fall sports.