Unite Quad Cities Fund Drive

Apr 6, 2020

A 24-hour fund drive is underway Monday in the Quad Cities to help people and organizations affected by the pandemic. Money pledged to "Unite Quad Cities for COVID-19 Recovery" will go to the Quad Cities Disaster Recovery Fund.

Anne Calder, Vice President of Development for the Quad Cities Community Foundation, says last year the fund helped people hurt by the flood. This year, it's already handed out 350,000 dollars.

"The grants are going to non-profits and organizations that are supporting people most affected by this pandemic - people who need food assistance, health organizations that are working on evaluating people who need health care services, emergency housing, and seniors who maybe do not have access to food and other services right now."

And another round of grants is expected soon. The problem though is requests to the fund for help add up to more than four times what's been raised so far. 

"We have a long way to go but we know that our Quad Cities is a wonderful, giving, and caring community and that we can all join together and help our neighbors."

Contributions can be made to unitequadcities.org, texted to a special number 41444, or as a check mailed to the Quad Cities Community Foundation.