Schilling Running For Congress

Jul 9, 2019

former Illinois Congressman Bobby Schilling, now running for Congress in Iowa
Credit Schilling for Congress

He's a familiar face in politics but now he lives in a different state. On Monday, former Illinois Congressman Bobby Schilling announced his candidacy for Iowa's Second District seat in Congress. 

He served one term representing Illinois's 17th District, including the Illinois Quad Cities, but failed to win re-election in 2012. Since then he moved across the river to LeClaire, Iowa.

Schilling says he began to consider running after Democrats took control of the US House last fall, then made the decision following Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack's decision to retire next year.

"Seeing the Illinois Democrats and what they've done to the state of Illinois, and knowning that's coming to Iowa. And I think one of the big things is I want to be the block - I want to make sure that we don't have people in Congress that are pushing for higher taxes, banning health insurance for private health companies.

Schilling says he has experience in Washington, but still can be seen as a "fresh face" by Iowa voters. And thinks he can attract independent residents of the Second District.

So far, some other Republicans have expressed interest in running for Loebsack's seat, but have not made any formal announcements.