RI County Administrator Resigns

Sep 27, 2017

Former RI County Administrator Dave Ross
Credit WVIK News

Rock Island County will soon start looking for a new county administrator. One month after notifying the county board that he would probably be leaving, Dave Ross has accepted a similar position in Florida.

In a letter to the board, Ross said his last day on the job was Tuesday.

He also listed the many accomplishments of his more than two years as the first Rock Island County administrator - new contracts, new revenue, professional policies for county employees, making the board more efficient, and most recently, completing work on next year's budget. 

County board chair, Ken Maranda, says once the search begins his goal is to find a new administrator like Ross. 

"Somebody that's young and has the financial skills to keep our finances and our budget in line the way Dave did."

 Maranda first plans to appoint some county board members to an advisory committee, and then advertise the opening here with some state and national government organizations.

In the interim, Rock Island County's I-T director, Kurt Davis, will also serve as county administrator.