QC Red Cross Volunteers Help Flash Flood Victims

Jun 21, 2018

Flash flooding in Davenport, Wednesday evening
Credit Jared Johnson / WVIK

Red Cross volunteers continue to help people in Davenport whose homes were flooded during last night's storms.

Today, the local chapter's emergency response vehicle traveled to apartment complexes where first floor units were flooded.

Interim Exec. Dir. Trish Burnett says the volunteers have been handing out cleaning supplies to residents of 3-4 apartment buildings.

Even after the heavy rain stopped Wednesday night, Burnett was worried about people who continued to drive in the Quad Cities and other areas where flash floods occurred. She says no one should ever walk or drive in flood waters. There are too many unknowns, such as whether a strong current may sweep a person or vehicle away, or what debris may be under the surface.

No one stayed overnight at a Red Cross emergency shelter after Wednesday's storm and torrential rainfall. It's located at Lincoln Fundamental Elementary School, in the 300 block of East 7th Street in Davenport. She and other Red Cross officials will decide soon whether to keep it open tonight or put it on stand-by.

Anyone who needs help should call the local Red Cross office at 309.743.2166.