QC Church Honors Its Veterans

May 23, 2019

Credit Calvary Lutheran Church

This weekend, a church in Moline will honor four of its members who were killed in action during World War II and Korea. 

Teri Griebel, from Calvary Lutheran Church, says she was researching the history of the church for its 100th anniversary and found the names of the four who were killed in Europe, the South Pacific, and Korea. 

One was 22 year old Carl Wickstrom who died in 1943.

from the Moline Dispatch, Oct. 10, 1947.
Credit Moline Dispatch

"Wickstrom was killed in action fighting around the island of Tarawa, and he was actually buried on Tarawa for a while. His body was returned in 1947."

The other three are 26 year old Glenn Kroeger, 24 year old Reginald Berg, and 21 year old Jack Anderberg - killed in action during the Korean war in 1951.

Griebel says she's tried to find family members of the four soldiers, but has been unsuccessful.

A plaque with their names will be dedicated on Sunday during the 10:30 am service at Calvary Lutheran Church in Moline, 2900 Avenue of the Cities.