QC Airport TSA Upgrades to 3D Checkpoint Scanner

Dec 9, 2020

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos tours the new 3D checkpoint scanner at Quad City International Airport in Moline.
Credit Cheri Bustos

Security at Quad City International Airport is now able to examine the contents of a bag without touching it, thanks to the installation of a new 3D checkpoint scanner.

The new CT scanner could mean fewer bag checks, and passengers can now keep their laptops in their carry ons while going through security.

TSA Spokesperson Sonny Lorrius says the 3D scan makes detecting possible bombs easier.

“The machine creates such a clear picture of a bag’s contents that computers can automatically detect explosives, including liquids. The technology is similar to CT technology used in the medical field and research shows that CT is the most consequential technology available today for airport checkpoints.”

Lorrius says CT will replace the standard X-ray technology. TSA has deployed more than 250 CT scanners to 141 airports so far, and installation will continue next year.