No Winner Yet in Clinton Mayoral Race

Nov 4, 2015

Residents of Clinton will be asked to go to the polls again next month to decide the race for mayor. In Tuesday's municipal election, incumbent mayor Mark Vulich received the most votes in the three-person race, but not a majority.

Clinton County Auditor, Eric van Lancker, says city ordinances require a candidate to receive at least 50 per cent, plus one, of the votes cast in order to win. 

Vulich received 13-hundred votes, or 41 per cent, while Jennifer Graf finished second with 36 per cent. 

Van Lancker says some cities, like Davenport, use primaries to limit the number of candidates on the ballot on election day. But Clinton, and some others, hold runoffs. 

State law in Iowa requires a runoff to be held four weeks after the general election, so the Clinton mayoral runoff will be held on December lst. 

These results are still considered "un-official," and won't become official until Thursday when the county board canvasses the results.