New Park Planned for Northeast Davenport

Oct 15, 2020

Now that it has a name, construction could soon begin on a new park in Davenport. Wednesday night, the city council officially approved "Jersey Farms Park" for the 11-acre site in the northeast part of the city, on East 65th Street, near Jersey Ridge Road.

Chad Dyson, Director of Parks and Recreation, says the site was first identified as a possible park four or five years ago when the city was planning for the development of the area, near the Rhythm City Casino and Veterans Memorial Parkway.

"That area of the community has what I would consider a decrement as far as parkland - the northeast quadrant. So there's a need for additional parks to serve the residents in that area."

Now that the park has a name, Dyson says Davenport will soon award a contract for its construction. The project will cost 500,000 dollars, and could open next spring or summer.

Jersey Farms Park will have a walking trail, benches, a picnic shelter, a playground, and a parking lot.