New Ambulances for the National Guard

Jan 28, 2014

The National Guard needs new ambulances, and they're being made in the Quad Cities. This morning the Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center rolled out one of the new ambulance kits on Arsenal Island.

The "desert tan" ambulance sits on the frame of a hum-vee, which is built elsewhere. And it's one of 500 that arsenal employees will make make, assemble, and paint.

Douglas Curel works in Washington DC as "Resources Manager" for the Army National Guard.

"You will see these ambulances the next time there's a major disaster where civilian ambulances cannot go, and the civilians need the National Guard support. These ambulances will be life-savers - this is how critical this is not only to the National Guard but to our country as a whole."

Engineers and others at the technology center designed the new ambulance, working closely with the National Guard over the past couple of years. Employees are making many of the parts, such as the aluminum frame and walls. The arsenal orders other parts from suppliers, such as the kevlar that will protect patients and medics.  Five of the humvee-ambulances are on their way to Alaska now.

Arsenal workers will complete about 15 per month, and they'll be sent to the east coast first, then the rest of the country. The ambulance contract with the National Guard will keep about 200 arsenal workers busy for about a-year-and-a-half.

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