Monmouth College Remembers Bruce Haywood

Jan 8, 2020

Bruce Haywood, President of Monmouth College 1980-1994
Credit Monmouth College

A former president of Monmouth College is being remembered for leading the college's resurgence during the 1980's. Bruce Haywood died Tuesday, he was 94.

Haywood served as president for 14 years, beginning in 1980, and by the time he retired the endowment had grown from 4 million to 24 million dollars.

College officials credit his focus on academics for expanding and improving the curriculum, and his fund-raising - that helped pay off debts left over from the 1960's, and paid for new buildings on campus.

Born in England, during World War II Haywood served in the infantry and then in counter-intelligence. Following the war and earning his degrees, he first taught at Harvard then went to Kenyon College in Ohio where he spent 26 years as a professor, dean, and provost.