Mississippi Rising, Rock Falling

Oct 11, 2018

LeClaire Park in Davenport on Wednesday 10/10/18.
Credit WVIK News

Now that the rain has stopped, here and upstream, the Mississippi River should crest in the Quad Cities earlier than expected - over the weekend, instead of Monday. 

The National Weather Service says the river is now 2 1/2 feet over flood stage in the Quad Cities, and should reach its highest level, 3.5 feet over flood stage on Saturday night. The crest forecast has not changed, just the timing.

At Muscatine, the Mississippi has reached 3.7 feet over flood stage and the crest is expected on Sunday and Monday at 5 feet over flood stage. Major flooding is occurring in Burlington where the river is 5 1/2 feet over flood stage on Thursday with a forecast of 6.2 feet over by Sunday. 

 The Rock River has started to fall. At Joslin it's dropped half a foot since cresting on Tuesday night. It's also falling at Moline from its Monday crest - and should reach flood stage there late next week.