Local Companies Celebrate Donations to Food Bank

Mar 7, 2019

Businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations are helping feed more people in the Quad Cities area. This afternoon, the River Bend Foodbank held an awards luncheon and announced the Community Hunger Drive collected enough money and food for more than 500,000 meals. 

President and CEO, Mike Miller, says employees from 56 businesses worked hard to exceed his expectations. They held a variety of contests and activities to raise food and money. The Community Hunger Drive is similar to the Student Hunger Drive, but it's for adults. 

The money and food donated will provide 504,000 meals for one in eight adults, and one in five children who need them. The River Bend Foodbank's goal is to triple distribution over ten years (starting in 2015). Miller wants to help feed most of the people who would otherwise go hungry, in 23 counties across western Illinois and eastern Iowa.