The Carol Center Expands

May 23, 2019

Thanks to a growing number of clients, a program helping people with chronic mental illness has moved to a new, and larger building. Thursday morning the Vera French Community Mental Health Center held a ribbon cutting for The Carol Center in Davenport.

Assistant Program Manager, Alexis Bertrand, says The Carol Center offers a variety of help to people with mental illness, and the homeless.

"Sympathetic ears. Connecting you with people who are in the recovery process who are just like you. It's getting healthy coping mechanisms, It is finding community where you may not have thought you might find community, and around people who are looking to get healthy and are looking to continue their recovery process."

Bertrand says about 25 to 35 people visit the center each day. 

The new location is on Harrison Street, near downtown Davenport, in the building formerly used by United Neighbors.

Vera French opened a community outreach program in 1986, then added other services and officially opened the Carol Center in 2013, named for a long-time supporter of the program, Carol Lujack.