Breasia Terrell Investigation Update

Dec 10, 2020

Breasia Terrell
Credit Davenport Police Department

Five months after she disappeared, police in Davenport are again asking for the public's help in finding 10 year old Breasia Terrell. She was last seen on July 9th in Davenport with her brother and his father.

Major Jeff Bladel says even though it's been a long time since she disappeared, police continue to investigate the case "aggressively." Working with the FBI, they've conducted hundreds of interviews, looked into more than 170 tips, and served 60 search warrants.

"We're trying to get the word out as best we can. We want to keep Breasia's picture out there, we want to keep everything that we have available out there for public information so we can hopefully, hopefully locate Breasia."

But the leads have been slowing down in recent months.

Bladel says anyone with information about the case can call the Davenport Police Department (563-326-6125), send information to a special email address -, or call Quad Cities Crimestoppers (309-762-9500).
The man she was last seen with, and who police think might know something about the child's disappearance, Henry Dinkins, is still in jail being held for unrelated charges.