Bettendorf Says More Education Equals Less Crime

Mar 10, 2015

Improving education in Iowa will reduce crime. That was the message today (3/10) from the Bettendorf School District and Police Department, during a news conference at Paul Norton Elementary School. 

Credit Fight Crime: Invest in Kids
Police Chief Phil Redington says the link between education and crime may be stronger than people realize. 

This link was studied in a report released today by the group "Fight Crime: Invest in Kids." It says nation-wide, 7 out of 10 prison inmates have not graduated from high school. And Redington says that means police departments and parents need to support local schools.

"Fight Crime: Invest in Kids" includes 5,000 police chiefs, law enforcement leaders, and violence survivors. They also report that almost half of property and violent crimes can be explained by fewer employment opportunities and lower wages for people without a college education.  With Redington at today's news conference were Bettendorf School Superintendent, Theron Schutte  and Scott County Sheriff Dennis Conard.