ARC Builds New Home in Moline

Oct 29, 2019

A new home has been built in Moline, along a busy section of 7th street, but it's not going up for sale.The ARC of the Quad Cities is a nonprofit that serves people with disabilities. The new group home is one way ARC helps them live independently.

The agency held a ribbon cutting on Tuesday, October 29th, to celebrate the completion of the home in the 2100 block of 7th street. 

Credit WVIK News / WVIK Quad Cities NPR

ARC Executive Director Michael Glanz says that clients will love it.

"You've heard it before: location, location, location," said Glanz. "It's the key to success in real estate, and it's also the key to successful integration of people with disabilities."

Executive Director Michael Glanz addresses the crowd before the ribbon cutting.
Credit WVIK News / WVIK Quad Cities NPR

This location has a bus stop immediately out front and easy access to local businesses. 

Eight people who have been on a waiting list will get to move into the new house. It's built to make sure that the residents can stay as long as they want.

The new accessible house on 7th Street in Moline.
Credit WVIK News / WVIK Quad Cities NPR

"So, it's making sure that the house is accessible. Everything's on one level, the hallways are wide enough, the doorways are all wide enough. That it can be truly an accessible house that someone can age in as their needs change over their lifestyle." said Glanz.

Donations to the ARC of the Quad Cities paid for construction. The house is one of six built in the Quad Cities over the past two years as part of a 4.5 million dollar capital campaign.