Another Award for Modern Woodmen Park

Nov 10, 2014

Modern Woodmen Park
Credit Ballpark Digest
For the second year in a row, Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport has won a national award. One year after being named the "Best Minor League Ballpark" by USA Today, it's been honored for the "Best Ballpark Improvement" by Ballpark Digest - for its ferris wheel.

Ballpark Digest is a website that covers "the industry and culture of baseball." And publisher, Kevin Reichard, says each year Ballpark Digest hands out awards in a variety of categories, based on hundred of nominations submitted by teams and fans. 

Reichard says other teams across the country occasionally come up with new ideas, but the River Bandits, and team owner Dave Heller, have won the Best Ballpark Improvement award four times in the past seven seasons.One of the other awards this year is for the "best new food item."

The River Bandits say 68,000 people rode on the ferris wheel, and some other "amusements" including the zip line, this year.