AAA: Save Now to Cover Higher Car Repair Costs

Oct 29, 2018

Credit submitted / AAA

Cars with expensive technology are more expensive to repair. A recent AAA study shows cars equipped with advanced driver assistance systems may cost twice as much to fix after crashes and even minor fender-benders.

Spokeswoman Beth Mosher says high-tech features are important because they can help prevent crashes. But it's very expensive to fix or replace sensors, cameras, and other devices embedded in bumpers, side mirrors, and windshields (see infographic above). 

Car owners should make sure their mechanics are qualified to calibrate advanced driving systems. And Mosher says minor damage might need to be fixed right away.

The AAA study shows one-in-three Americans can't afford an unexpected car repair bill even as low as $500. Mosher says the association has several recommendations for car owners:

  • Learn about repair costs when shopping for a car.
  • Discuss them with your insurance agent.
  • And start saving money for emergency repairs.

Credit submitted / AAA