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The Cities - 10/28/23

In this episode, we bring you an exclusive interview with Rita Hart, the esteemed leader of the Iowa Democratic Party. Join us on The Cities radio program as we delve deep into the challenges currently faced by the Democratic party in Iowa. With recent losses to Republicans in state government, Hart shares her insights on how the party plans to rebuild and regain its strength. She highlights the importance of candidate recruitment and emphasizes key issues such as infrastructure, healthcare, and education to win back the trust of the people.

As we discuss the upcoming 2024 Iowa caucuses, Hart expresses her disappointment with the DNC's decision, but remains optimistic about the new ballot system, which she believes will increase participation. She firmly believes that Iowa should continue to play a crucial role in vetting presidential candidates.

Throughout the interview, we explore various topics, including the divisions within the Republican party on a national level, the unity among Democrats under the leadership of President Biden, and the urgent need for outreach to rural communities. Additionally, we delve into the preparations being made for potential election challenges in the 2024 race.

To conclude this captivating episode, we shine a spotlight on singer-songwriter Daniel Strattman, who shares his passion for music and discusses his latest album. Don't miss this enchanting performance that will leave you wanting more. Tune in now for an in-depth exploration of the current political landscape in Iowa and an inspiring conversation with a talented artist.