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The Impact of Murals in Community Building: A Discussion with Nicole Salgar and Atlanta Dawn

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In this engaging podcast episode, muralists Nicole Salgar and Atlanta Dawn take listeners on a journey through their creative process and artistic inspirations as they discuss their work on two large-scale murals in downtown Rock Island, Illinois. Hosted by Ben Gougeon and Kevin Maynard from Quad City Arts, the conversation covers everything from the artists' design techniques to their personal backgrounds and the challenges they face in their work.

Nicole and Atlanta share details about their mural designs, with Atlanta's piece featuring a Native American woman and symbols of inner light, while Nicole's mural showcases a Victorian-style home and local flora and fauna. The discussion also delves into the artists' use of the "doodle grid" technique to scale up their designs onto the walls, showcasing their unique approaches and creative processes.

Listeners will be inspired by the artists' stories of how they found their way to mural work and the importance of self-care and perseverance in the face of challenges. The episode also offers valuable advice for aspiring artists, encouraging them to explore, experiment, build relationships within the community, and stay patient and consistent in their artistic pursuits.

Kevin Maynard is the Executive Director of Quad City Arts in Rock Island. He has more than 15 years of experience in arts management and philanthropy, and believes the arts “are essential to a healthy community - driving tourism, the economy, and improving the quality of life."