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Talking Art with Marc Zyla

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In this episode of "Talking Art," Kevin Maynard from Quad City Arts sits down with Marc Zyla, principal horn of the Quad City Symphony Orchestra (QCSO), to discuss the upcoming "Up Close" event at the Figge Art Museum. Marc shares his journey to becoming a musician and artist, from his early days to his time in the QCSO.

Marc delves into the concept behind the "Up Close" series, highlighting how it allows for a more intimate and personal connection between the musicians and the audience. He also discusses the importance of embracing the artist identity and incorporating different art forms into his performances, such as poetry and visual art.

The episode explores Marc's repertoire choices , including pieces by Mahler and Hindemith, and how he collaborates with local poet Aubrey Barnes and visual artist Zay Williams to enhance the audience's experience. Marc also shares his thoughts on the role of technology in art and offers advice for aspiring musicians on staying motivated and dedicated to their craft.

Listeners will gain insight into the creative process behind musical performances, the intersection of different art forms, and the passion and dedication required to succeed as an artist in the modern world. Join Kevin and Marc for a captivating conversation that delves deep into the heart of music and artistry.

See Marc, Marian Lee, Aubrey Barnes, and Zay Williams at the Figge on May 19th at 5:00 PM. Tickets at www.qcso.org

Kevin Maynard is the Executive Director of Quad City Arts in Rock Island. He has more than 15 years of experience in arts management and philanthropy, and believes the arts “are essential to a healthy community - driving tourism, the economy, and improving the quality of life."