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Rain Barrels for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and what would make a better gift for your loved one than a River Action rain barrel. Rain barrels are ideal for capturing the runoff from your roof and gutters for small to moderate storms. The stored water can than be used to water your lawn and garden so that you do not have to use water from your tap. Rain Barrels are a great way to store water in the Spring when it is raining more, and people are trying to grow their flower or vegetable gardens. They are also great in the Summer when it may not rain as much but your lawn still needs water. Using stored rainwater is way better for the environment than using tap water from your house to water your lawn daily.

Benefits of rain barrels include saving money on your water bill, conserving water during a drought, reducing stormwater runoff, preventing flooding and soil erosion, and providing clean water for plants. With the Mississippi River being right in our backyards it is important to retain rainwater after a large rain event to protect our local waterways from pollutants. Instead of wasting the water that comes from your gutters, you can store and use that water to save money and the environment!

If you worry about the rain barrel overflowing, there is an overflow valve towards the top of the rain barrel to prevent that from happening. We have multiple sizes of diverters too, if your concerned that the rain barrel will not be equipped for your gutters. We offer a standard size diverter and a large size.

Rain barrels retail for around $150 - $200 and are hard to find in stores. River Action is currently selling 60-Gallon rain barrels that were recycled from olive barrels for $90-95 depending on the size gutter diverter you need. You may not need the barrel for the coming months due to winter but Spring will be here soon enough. River action is currently having a special, where the tenth person to buy a rain barrel will get a 50% discount! That means a $45 rain barrel, what a great deal! They will come with a red ribbon that way it is ready to go under (or next to) your tree. You can pick it up in time for Christmas by December 15th, weekdays from 8:30 – 5PM and on weekends by appointment. You can call us at 563-322-2969 or go online to our website riveraction.org to order one now!