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What It's Like Living In A Shelter

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In this inspiring episode, the hosts welcome Trinity, a senior in high school who is living in a shelter with her mother and siblings. Trinity shares her dreams of becoming a wedding photographer and the hosts express their excitement to have her share her story. Trinity opens up about her living situation, explaining how they moved into the shelter to find better opportunities and improve their lives during a difficult time. She describes how living in the shelter has brought her family closer together and taught them valuable lessons about overcoming challenges.

Trinity takes us through her typical day, which starts with early morning prayers and getting ready for school. She shares her determination to focus in class and her commitment to helping her family by doing chores and reading the Bible in the evenings. The hosts commend Trinity for her maturity and emotional intelligence in managing such a demanding daily routine with grace.

The conversation turns towards Trinity's passion for photography, particularly wedding photography. Trinity explains how she finds it romantic and expresses her desire to gain experience and help her family through temporary employment until graduation. She emphasizes the importance of always learning and growing.

Trinity also discusses her mentors, with her hardworking mother being her biggest inspiration. She also looks up to the daughter of the shelter program director as a role model, someone who has overcome adversity. One of the hosts, Darrionna, shares her own experiences of living in a shelter as a child and expresses how Trinity's story motivates her to keep pushing forward positively.

In closing, Trinity offers advice to other girls in difficult situations, urging them to focus on the positive and never stop working towards their goals.

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