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Pulitzer-Prize Winner David Leonhardt's New Book on The American Dream

David Leonhardt, Pulitzer-prize winning essayist for the New York Times, discusses his new book, Ours Was the Shining Future: The Story of the American Dream. It’s a very timely book that takes an objective look at the rise and decline of the American Dream and offers ideas on how we can restore it. His book includes some familiar names from the 1960s/70s and some not-so-familiar ones who play major roles in this story.

Robin A. Johnson is a governmental relations, public policy and political consultant. He is an expert on government reform issues and has consulted with numerous local governments on consolidation/merger, public-private partnerships and full-cost accounting of public services. Robin has also helped candidates win elections for the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, state legislature, judiciary and local government. Robin served as a consultant to the Office of Statewide Performance Review in the Illinois Governor’s Office and is former director of the Illinois Center for Competitive Government, a partnership between the Illinois Comptroller’s Office and the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs at Western Illinois University. Prior to that, he was Director of the Local Government Affairs Division of the Illinois Comptroller’s Office. Robin served on the Board of Directors of the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP) in 1999-2000.