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Local Arrests Highlight National Problem


Dog-fighting is a major problem, not only in the Quad Cities but all over the US. That's according to the ASPCA following Thursday's arrests in Rock Island and Davenport. 

Vice President of Investigations, Tim Rickey, says he investigates dog-fighting cases like this one every day. And people are often surprised to learn that dog-breeding, fighting, selling, and training have taken place in their own neighborhoods, and sometimes in their own back yards. 

Rickey says Thursday's raids in the Quad Cities are a good sign that local law enforcement is cracking down on the popular but illegal business. 
Rickey says even though dog-fighting is brutal and inhumane, it's very attractive to criminals because it's easily hidden and can be very lucrative. 

"These dog-fighting operations can make tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars..."

The 64 dogs seized Thursday are receiving medical treatment and will have new homes found for them with the help of rescue groups around the country. 

Rickey says anyone who witnesses or suspects dog-fighting should contact local law enforcement or the ASPCA. 

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