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QC Chamber Heads to Washington DC

Credit Iowa Department of Transportation
Drawing of the proposed new I-74 bridge.

Manufacturing, trade, and renewable energy: those are just a few issues leaders from the Quad Cities will discuss with members of the House and Senate this week. Thursday, the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce will leave for its annual Washington DC Advocacy Trip. 

Spokesman Jason Gordon says the group of about 25 government and business leaders will visit the Pentagon to talk about the Rock Island Arsenal. And, they'll meet with the Department of Transportation, to secure final funding for the new I-74 bridge. 
He says the group will also talk to the Department of Labor, about possible new rules for over-time pay. The department wants to raise the minimum salary required for employees to be exempt from over-time. 

The minimum salary is currently $24,000, and the Labor Department proposes raising that to $50,000. Gordon says that "huge jump" could have unintended consequences for businesses all over the country. 

He says California enacted a similar state law.

If the new rules are approved, an estimated 6 million more people would be eligible for over-time. Gordon hopes to convince the Department of Labor to increase slowly the eligibility ceiling for over-time pay over a longer period of time. 

The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce will spend two days in Washington DC.