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Galesburg Residents Can Check Risk of Lead in Water

Credit City of Galesburg
Water service lines

Galesburg residents can go online to see if their water is at risk for high levels of lead. Last week, an Associated Press report showed a high number of children suffer from lead poisoning in Galesburg. And now, the city is asking residents to take extra precautions when using tap water. 

City Engineer, Wayne Carl, says Galesburg was not required to do water tests in 2013 or 2014, because lead levels had been adequate. But, last year, a small water sample showed 4 out of the 30 tested homes had higher levels of lead than the federal standard. 
Because of the results, Galesburg is now required to do two lead tests a year, on 60 homes each. The next test will take place this month. 

Carl says residents should go to the City of Galesburg's website and check what type of material is used for their water service line. Houses with lead or copper water lines should avoid drinking un-filtered tap water. 

He suggests using a water filter.

Galesburg currently has 5,000 lead water service lines. 

Carl says Galesburg is working with the health department and US EPA to reduce high blood levels of lead in children, which could be caused by tap water or lead paint.