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Gluba Vetoes CitiBus Route Changes


Davenport aldermen are set to vote a second time on CitiBus routes and hours. On Saturday, Mayor Bill Gluba vetoed the Public Transportation Plan approved last week. He received a petition with more than 400 signatures, asking him to veto it because of the hardship it would cause them. 

Under the plan, the mayor says eleven bus routes would replace the current 16, forcing elderly, disabled, and low income riders to walk up to a mile to catch a bus. 

Davenport hired a consultant last Spring to evaluate CitiBus routes, and look for ways to save money now and in the future. The city held several public meetings about various proposals, which eventually included some suggestions from passengers. 

If Davenport aldermen override Mayor Gluba's veto on Wednesday, the new routes and extended hours will begin in July. Last week's vote was 9 to 1 to approve the public transit plan. 

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