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Rock Island County GOP Hopes for Gains on County Board


Republicans in Rock Island County are knocking on doors and making calls to encourage people to vote on Tuesday. Volunteers are also reminding people they can vote early in person or by mail. 

Drue Mielke, Central Committee Chair, says republican candidates are running in all but three local races.

Currently, eight members of the GOP sit on the Rock Island County Board. And he hopes voters elect at least two more.

Mielke also serves on the Rock Island County Board and says democrats have held the majority for too long. And for years, no one held board members accountable for over-spending and failing to solve problems. For example, he says the two-party system is critical because the board has not asked voters for permission to demolish the courthouse.

WVIK News plans to talk with the Chair of the Rock Island County Democrats, Doug House, before Tuesday's election. And that story can now be found HERE (link added on 11/5/2018). 

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