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Bill Clinton Talks Economic Recovery in Davenport

Bill Clinton stressed that "cooperation works better than conflict," during a campaign stop in Davenport Thursday night. While encouraging Iowans to vote early for Hillary Clinton, the former president said "make America great again" really means "make America like it was 50 years ago."

Sarah Ritter reports.

Credit WVIK News
A man was escorted out of the building for holding up this sign, yelling, and pushing other audience members.


Bill Clinton's visit to North High School in Davenport got off to a bit of a rocky start... when a man held up a sign with Clinton's face on it, and in big letters, the word "rape." 

Clinton told the crowd not to "boo" the man as he was escorted out of the building, and said "if you serve poison for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a year and a half, someone's going to drink it and give it back."

Clinton was able to easily redirect the crowd's attention, and jumped right into outlining Hillary Clinton's economic plan. He says the main goal is creating jobs, and one way to do that is by replacing outdated lead water pipes in cities like Flint, Michigan. 

The former president spent about 30 minutes discussing the importance of wind energy, tax credits for small businesses, and social equality. 

But, Clinton received perhaps the biggest applause for the plan to allow college graduates to pay off student debt through public service work. 

Clinton says only two things can hurt America's economic recovery: "continued political gridlock in Washington" and the belief that "power matters more...than people's lives." 

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