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Huckabee Talks Tax Reform

Michelle O'Neill
Mike Huckabee discusses the economy with members of the Scott County Lincoln Club

If elected president, Mike Huckabee would push for a federal sales tax to replace taxes on income and productivity. That was part of the message from the former governor of Arkansas this morning at the Davenport Country Club. The Scott County GOP's Lincoln Club sponsored the breakfast campaign stop.

Huckabee says he's probably the only republican candidate who's against cutting social security and Medicare.

Credit Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News
A member of the crowd asks Huckabee a question about how to transform the government instead of addressing problems one at a time.

To balance the budget and reduce the debt, Huckabee would reform the tax code by implementing a federal sales tax and eliminating many other taxes. He says that would bring manufacturing back to the US, and encourage companies to stop moving their operations off-shore.

What happens if we goose the economy with trillions of dollars in capital, would that help? Yes, it would. What happens to manufacturing? It comes back because everything we make in America is embedded with a 22% tax, because we tax both labor and capital. And when you build something, that's built into the cost.

The republican candidate says he would rebuild the military, and that it should only be used to protect the US, not for nation-building or as a  social experiment.

It angers me that some ask if the military should pay for transgender surgeries when veterans and soldiers come home with severe wounds and without arms and legs and have to wait to get medical care? That should be the priority.

After visiting Waukee and Winterset today, Huckabee will get on a Soap Box tomorrow morning at the Iowa State Fair. It's sponsored by the Des Moines Register.

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